Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 1

We started today with major tidy up and laundry duty. It took us most of the day in between normal living and schooling that takes place.

Today I gave the kids the goal to rid themselves, their parents and the house of 5 toys and 5 books that are no longer used. It was a tough task but they all made it through with flying colors.

V ended up bringing down 5 of the smallest toys possible. I sent him back up to get 10 more. he ended up bringing down 1 more bigger toy and 1 more smaller toy and his glasses case. i informed him the glasses case stayed but kudos on the rest.

J wanted to count a toy with multiple parts as more than 1 but was told that didn't fly. He was ok with finding more.

C rid herself of some of toy kitchen accesories. We talked and decided that since she can follow a recipe and actually cook in the real kitchen with little problem that it was time to rid ourselves of the whole kit and kaboodle. She agreed. So tomorrow will be getting that together.

They each picked 5 books without any issue at all. In fact C picked 7!

In all I am happy with the days progression. I hope for more tomorrow!

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SabrinaT said...

How amazingly smart your kids are. They took the rules and shifted them in a great way!